Lean Consulting, Coaching, Training and Facilitation

Successfully leading and supporting Lean and Lean-type implementations in Higher Education and the Public Sector since 2006. 

Founder and Chair of the worldwide Lean HE community of practice. Author of "Lean Higher Education" in the Shingo Research Prize Winning Routledge Companion to Lean Management. Editor of Global Lean for Higher Education: A Themed Anthology of Case Studies, Approaches, and Tools,

"...an excellent and engaging speaker on Lean principles and very easy to work with. Highly recommended!"

"... an eloquent advocate of Lean and all that it can achieve. Highly respected across the sector and further afield, he has an infectious humour that complements a steely determination to succeed."

"...a superbly enthusiastic and motivating individual, who produces great results. He led his own team extremely well, and inspired mine."

"...a leader who empowers people to become what they only thought they might aspire to."